The Sorority Girl

"Oh my God", "Like this, Like that","Like ummm soooo".  All of those will fill your vocabulary throughout your time in a sorority on campus.  The sorority girl vocabulary is now yours as well, and you must use it wisely.  As any student not in a sorority may find your excessive use of these words very annoying indeed.  They may only be used around other sorority girls, or else you might become an outcast in conversation.  However, your social life becomes vastly different.  Being in greek life allows you to meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends, though usually only with other members of greek life.  This wide social status with other sororities and fraternities allows for easier entry into a weekend party.

You love vests so much, especially that one with white and black chevron, or that quilted one.  You only ever wear sorority shirts, for fear of someone thinking you might not be involved in greek life.  This can be seen paired with either jeans or leggings.  Oh I almost forgot, your entire life can be described as one giant monogram.  You love monograming your clothes and hats, to the point where you can be wearing an almost entirely monogrammed outfit for the entire world to feast their eyes upon.  Why must everyone know your initials.  You love repping your university as well during a weekly pregame.  Most of ten around campus you can be easily spotted as a sorority girl.