The "Normal" Kid

You are the smartest of them all, maybe not in terms of GPA, but in the idea that you can balance your time well.  School and social life are easily balanced to a happy medium of good grades, yet plenty of time for fun with friends around campus.  Work all day and then spend your free time at night will a few friends.  You may not go out every weekend yet you still go out enough to have fun and hang out with your friends.  Many times your great balance of GPA and social life, meaning social and communication skills, leads you to the best job out there.  As companies will take a hit in overall grading intelligence for the ease of communication with their workers which in turn makes you a more effective employee.  Go you normal kid.

You wear, well absolutely everything you can think of.  Guys may might where the frat outfit one day, while the lazy kid others.  Many times your outfits are a mix of everything into one.  This means that the majority of students fall under this "normal" kid that may not be a stereotype, but still is a quintessential part of college for most students.  Some days you stand out while others you blend into crowd and go unnoticed.  This mix of social life, school work, and variety of fashion makes this the first obvious choice for anyone coming to college, but does not know what may happen later down the road.