The Lazy Kid in the Back

Your plan for college is show up to every class and do the minimum work, but that it is still better to be there than not be there.  Meanwhile, unbeknownst to you every student in class wonders why you even come to class. You may do a tiny bit of homework, but that is only because you feel bad about barely paying attention in class.  However you do truly manage a social life with friends and going out on the weekends that allows for college to still be an experience for the time being.

Your dream college outfit will every day consist of either sweat pants or jeans, paired with a hoodie(your pillow for class), and tennis shoes. You will never deviate from this outfit unless it is very hot outside, then athletic shorts will make their way into your daily rotation.  The hoodie is always a must because without there would be no pillow for sleeping on your desk.  This outfit is almost opposite of any fraternity boy or girl, in that instead of seeing  spotted you will blend into the crowd.  This is turn allows for the perception of a normal student outside the classroom where nobody will see you sleeping