The Frat Boy

Everyone knows a fray boy.  They way they talk, the way they act, and the way they dress.  Their lives revolve around drinking and talking sports.  This means they are the social boys on campus, and will try to sweet talk any girl they come across.  No school on the weekends and only partying.  Your goal in life is to make it onto the cover of either J.Crew or Vineyard Vines.

Your attire is all very similar for every single fraternity.  Khakis, button down, and either Sperrys for the warm weather, or duck boots for the cold weather, describes your usual day to day outfit.  This outfit is obvious a mile away for anyone wishing to go on a hunt for frat boys.  Whiles hunters wear orange to stand out to other hunters, you wear your frat outfit to stand out to other students.  The only way to be more of a fraternity boy is to walk around screaming, "I'M IN A FRATERNITY!".  However the occasional fraternity meeting means the you and your boys have to change your outfits.  All of you must look exactly the same, wearing light khakis, Sperrys, a white button down with a tie, and a dark blue blazer.  There is no swaying from this meeting attire or else you should no longer consider yourself a frat boy.