The Athlete

Congrats! You're now a star athlete at your university, let's run down how your life will change for better or for worse.  You will live a stressful college life, this is mostly due to constant practicing and working out for your specific sport.  During season a lot of your school week is managed between your sport and school time, meaning class and homework.  This is because many of your weekends and weekday nights must be free in order for you to participate in your sport.  On the bright side you tend to gain respect easier by being an athlete.  This respect allows you to make friends outside your sport easier, and find easier ways into parties during the off season.

You are seen wearing athletic-wear almost everywhere you go, you work out so much that when school comes around your comfortable clothes will help you relax.  However a lot of time you will choose to wear a variety of normal outfits that mean you may not be noticed as a school athlete.  Though, you can still be recognized by the school sponsored apparel that only athletes are able to have.