The Nerd

Your usual social life can be described as talking to people doing class, other than that your free time is spent by doing absolutely all of your work ahead of time, as well as playing PC video-games. You can never party, being seen at a party would completely break your stereotype for good.  Though, many resent the fact that you have amazing grades, usually better than anyone else in the entire classroom.  High GPA, but usually poor social life which leads to poor communication skills and less community involvement.

Your outfits tend to be very bland and simple.  You love baggy jeans as the daily pants you wear due to you thinking they are comfortable.  These jeans are often seen paired with a t-shirt and a baggy full-zip sweatshirt.  This outfit usually means maximum comfort for you to do any school work or sit and game for hours upon hours.  This means the most amount of work possible is completed on time or prior and usually never late.