The Art Student

Art is now going to consume your life.  You will have many late nights in the studio trying to finish a painting or sculpture, and coming to class with only having rested a couple of hours.  Everyone on campus will know you when they see a huge drawing board or sketch pad ready to fly out of your arms.  You will drop all of your supplies at least once while attempting to bring everything you own back to your dorm or home in one fluid trip(p.s. it doesn't work).

Art students usually have the most outlandish outfits, they tend to go crazy and wild.  Though, they do not care what others think bout their outfit because they just want to be themselves.  Expressing their own unique mind thought both their art and their outfits.  Nobody judges you because they know you are an art student and expressing your mind is a major key to your success

The Athlete

Congrats! You're now a star athlete at your university, let's run down how your life will change for better or for worse.  You will live a stressful college life, this is mostly due to constant practicing and working out for your specific sport.  During season a lot of your school week is managed between your sport and school time, meaning class and homework.  This is because many of your weekends and weekday nights must be free in order for you to participate in your sport.  On the bright side you tend to gain respect easier by being an athlete.  This respect allows you to make friends outside your sport easier, and find easier ways into parties during the off season.

You are seen wearing athletic-wear almost everywhere you go, you work out so much that when school comes around your comfortable clothes will help you relax.  However a lot of time you will choose to wear a variety of normal outfits that mean you may not be noticed as a school athlete.  Though, you can still be recognized by the school sponsored apparel that only athletes are able to have.

The Nerd

Your usual social life can be described as talking to people doing class, other than that your free time is spent by doing absolutely all of your work ahead of time, as well as playing PC video-games. You can never party, being seen at a party would completely break your stereotype for good.  Though, many resent the fact that you have amazing grades, usually better than anyone else in the entire classroom.  High GPA, but usually poor social life which leads to poor communication skills and less community involvement.

Your outfits tend to be very bland and simple.  You love baggy jeans as the daily pants you wear due to you thinking they are comfortable.  These jeans are often seen paired with a t-shirt and a baggy full-zip sweatshirt.  This outfit usually means maximum comfort for you to do any school work or sit and game for hours upon hours.  This means the most amount of work possible is completed on time or prior and usually never late.

The "Normal" Kid

You are the smartest of them all, maybe not in terms of GPA, but in the idea that you can balance your time well.  School and social life are easily balanced to a happy medium of good grades, yet plenty of time for fun with friends around campus.  Work all day and then spend your free time at night will a few friends.  You may not go out every weekend yet you still go out enough to have fun and hang out with your friends.  Many times your great balance of GPA and social life, meaning social and communication skills, leads you to the best job out there.  As companies will take a hit in overall grading intelligence for the ease of communication with their workers which in turn makes you a more effective employee.  Go you normal kid.

You wear, well absolutely everything you can think of.  Guys may might where the frat outfit one day, while the lazy kid others.  Many times your outfits are a mix of everything into one.  This means that the majority of students fall under this "normal" kid that may not be a stereotype, but still is a quintessential part of college for most students.  Some days you stand out while others you blend into crowd and go unnoticed.  This mix of social life, school work, and variety of fashion makes this the first obvious choice for anyone coming to college, but does not know what may happen later down the road.

The Sorority Girl

"Oh my God", "Like this, Like that","Like ummm soooo".  All of those will fill your vocabulary throughout your time in a sorority on campus.  The sorority girl vocabulary is now yours as well, and you must use it wisely.  As any student not in a sorority may find your excessive use of these words very annoying indeed.  They may only be used around other sorority girls, or else you might become an outcast in conversation.  However, your social life becomes vastly different.  Being in greek life allows you to meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends, though usually only with other members of greek life.  This wide social status with other sororities and fraternities allows for easier entry into a weekend party.

You love vests so much, especially that one with white and black chevron, or that quilted one.  You only ever wear sorority shirts, for fear of someone thinking you might not be involved in greek life.  This can be seen paired with either jeans or leggings.  Oh I almost forgot, your entire life can be described as one giant monogram.  You love monograming your clothes and hats, to the point where you can be wearing an almost entirely monogrammed outfit for the entire world to feast their eyes upon.  Why must everyone know your initials.  You love repping your university as well during a weekly pregame.  Most of ten around campus you can be easily spotted as a sorority girl.

The Lazy Kid in the Back

Your plan for college is show up to every class and do the minimum work, but that it is still better to be there than not be there.  Meanwhile, unbeknownst to you every student in class wonders why you even come to class. You may do a tiny bit of homework, but that is only because you feel bad about barely paying attention in class.  However you do truly manage a social life with friends and going out on the weekends that allows for college to still be an experience for the time being.

Your dream college outfit will every day consist of either sweat pants or jeans, paired with a hoodie(your pillow for class), and tennis shoes. You will never deviate from this outfit unless it is very hot outside, then athletic shorts will make their way into your daily rotation.  The hoodie is always a must because without there would be no pillow for sleeping on your desk.  This outfit is almost opposite of any fraternity boy or girl, in that instead of seeing  spotted you will blend into the crowd.  This is turn allows for the perception of a normal student outside the classroom where nobody will see you sleeping

The Frat Boy

Everyone knows a fray boy.  They way they talk, the way they act, and the way they dress.  Their lives revolve around drinking and talking sports.  This means they are the social boys on campus, and will try to sweet talk any girl they come across.  No school on the weekends and only partying.  Your goal in life is to make it onto the cover of either J.Crew or Vineyard Vines.

Your attire is all very similar for every single fraternity.  Khakis, button down, and either Sperrys for the warm weather, or duck boots for the cold weather, describes your usual day to day outfit.  This outfit is obvious a mile away for anyone wishing to go on a hunt for frat boys.  Whiles hunters wear orange to stand out to other hunters, you wear your frat outfit to stand out to other students.  The only way to be more of a fraternity boy is to walk around screaming, "I'M IN A FRATERNITY!".  However the occasional fraternity meeting means the you and your boys have to change your outfits.  All of you must look exactly the same, wearing light khakis, Sperrys, a white button down with a tie, and a dark blue blazer.  There is no swaying from this meeting attire or else you should no longer consider yourself a frat boy.